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“REVEALED: The Advanced Gift Book Design Strategies that Will Set YOUR Books Apart From All Others!”
Discover the Secrets to Creating History-Based Gift Books, Personalized Gift Books and Customizable Gift Books That Your Customers Will LOVE!
From the Desk of Tony Laidig...

re: The Gift Market!

The Gift Book Market is massive and encompasses nearly every genre and interest loved by men and women (and children) everywhere. As we saw in “Gift Book Design,” most Gift Books focus on Inspiration, Celebration & Laughter...much-needed in our lives!

There are other types of Gift Books, however, that require more planning and some cases, much more! But with the additional effort comes additional benefits. These Advanced Strategies are what sets apart these Next-Level Gift Books from all others.
Introducing New Styles of Design for Your Gift Books!
Creating those “Next-Level” designs for your Gift Books ultimately comes down to understanding the process. ADVANCED doesn't mean simply means that YOU will be equipped with knowledge and understanding that others lack. That gives you an “unfair” advantage. 

So “Advanced Gift Book Design” is really about using the strategies that will set your Gift Books apart from everyone else's. I've always said that the successful product creator is the one who is willing to do what others will not. 
Here Is What to Expect From...
“Advanced Gift Book Design”
In this brand-new, 3-Module training from master creative teacher (and professional book designer), Tony Laidig, you will discover the in's and out's of designing advanced, next-level Gift Books! 

During this comprehensive, THREE Module training, you will explore:
  • Module One: Next-Level Gift Book Designs, Historical Gift Books and Advanced Design Themes.
  • Module Two: Personalized Gift Books and How to Create Them.
  • Module Three: Customizable Gift Book Designs, Book Inserts, Custom Hand-Bound Books and More!
  • BONUS: Deep Web and Comprehensive Research Methods for Gift Books (Behind-the-Scenes With Tony as He Researches a New Gift Book Project).
Tapping Into the Local, Historic and Personalized “Gift Book” Markets
Is Truly the Next Level of Design...and Well Worth the Challenge!
Get Instant, Ongoing Access to All 3 LIVE-Taught
Webinar Modules and the Research Bonus
Just $197 $97!
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