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“Imagine Creating and Publishing Books That Actually
Sell Better OUTSIDE of the Bookstore Markets!
The Publishing Secret NO ONE Has Revealed...Until NOW!
From the Desk of Tony Laidig...

re: The Gift Market!

When you think about creating and selling books, your thoughts likely go back to the places where you go to buy books...BOOKSTORES! Of course, there are also online options as well, like Amazon. But what if I told you that there was a type of book you could create and publish WITHOUT all the normal headaches associated with books...a type of book that actually sells BETTER in non-book environments! 

I am talking about books that are low-content, easy to produce using Public Domain or “Fair Use” content and that appeal to nearly every market known to man (and even a few animals).

Intrigued? You should be because this type of book presents one of the coolest and fun publishing opportunities ever!

The AMAZING type of books I am hinting at here are Gift Books!

Gift Books take on a lot of different forms but are largely themed books giving guessed Why is that a big deal? Simple! What makes gift books so unique is that you often find them more in locations where books are typically not sold. They're not limited to bookstores. Instead, Gift Books fit perfectly in the MUCH larger $132 Billion Dollar Gift Industry. 

You see, the Gift Industry includes MANY additional sales channels that are PERFECT for Gift Books, like:
• Gift Stores
• Museum Shops
• Specialty Retailers
• National Retailers
• Wineries
• Toy Stores
• Car Washes
• Record Stores
• Clothing Shops
• Coffee Shops
• Candy Stores
• Bakeries
• Indie Groceries
• Restaurants
• And MORE!
That Is the POWER of Designing and Selling Gift Books!
Honestly, when it comes to Gift Books, the sky is the limit! And their function is provide hope, laughter or simple interaction...that's it! And THAT makes designing Gift Books easy enough that ANYONE can create them!
That's Why I’m excited to tell you about...
“Gift Book Design”
In this brand-new training from master creative teacher (and professional book designer), Tony Laidig, you will discover the in's and out's of designing all types of Gift Books using easy-to-find resources and easy-to-use software! 

During this comprehensive, FOUR Module training, you will explore:
  • Module One: The Research, Ideas and Planning for Designing Gift Books.
  • Module Two: Step-by-Step Demos for Finding and Designing Art for Your Books in Simple and Unexpected Ways!
  • Module Three: Font-Driven Designs That Connect Your Gift Book's Theme With Your Audience Emotionally!
  • Module Four: The Layout, Publishing and Selling of Your Gift Books.
  • BONUS One: Watercolor Painting Insights
  • BONUS Two: Creating Photo Books
  • NEW BONUS: Cover Layout for Print Books
  • NEW BONUS: Book Layout 101
“Gift Books” Offer an Exciting Opportunity for Authors and
Publishers That Doesn’t Exist With ANY Other Type of Book!
Imagine one of YOUR Gift Books brightening someone's day after a time or struggle or loss! Or someone celebrating an achievement of a friend or family member by giving them the gift of laughter through one of your Gift Books! I don't know about you, but that get's me excited!
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4 Webinar Modules, All 4 Bonuses and Ongoing Access
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